It’s Time for Some Digital Spring Cleaning

It’s not just your physical space that you should be decluttering. Dive into your digital world and get re-organized. Not only will this help your mind focus on things relevant to your life, freeing up some iCloud storage space is always a plus.

Let’s start with communication.

If you haven’t texted or referred to a past text message for more than 6 months, it’s time to delete the receipts. Take screenshots, or notes of important information and kiss the others goodbye! 

Onto photos.

If you have thousands of photos, you might not have the time to go through it all and that’s okay! Here’s what we would do – go to your screenshots album and quickly delete the screenshots that were clearly on accident. After that, download all your photos onto a drive and clear out your photo albums on your phone. Hello, storage! 

Let’s talk about notes.

Yes, it’s time. Start the new seasons fresh by deleting random notes of the past. That random phone number, a to-do list from months ago that’s no longer relevant, your grocery list from last week. 

Next up, apps.

No brainer. Delete that photo editing app you never opened and that budgeting app that makes you pay $$$ before even trying it out. Delete any apps you’ve never used and have not used in a very long time, or even apps that are addicting and take up a lot of your time!

Last but not least, socials.

Go ahead and unfollow any accounts that you want to move on from, from brands that you no longer resonate with to people you no longer connect with. It’s okay, give yourself permission. The world isn’t going to end just because you unfollowed Jessica from high school. Delete or archive photos you no longer want on your profile. Delete old messages, especially the spam ones. And if you’re up for a total refresh, change up your bio and profile picture!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Spring season and that your digital clean up was a freeing experience!

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