Are filled to the brim with other important business matters

Actually want to relax when you get home

Don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out social media 

Don’t know where to even start!

who we

we do

❏  Doctors & Nurses in Aesthetics
❏  Real Estate Brokers & Agents
❏  Business Owners Who Have Realized the Importance of Social Media Marketing

❏  Strategy
❏  Copywriting
❏  Graphic Design
❏  Data Analysis

Let’s Talk Strategy & Ideas

Inspiration is the root of all creativity. Each of my packages include a monthly meeting with me - I’ll provide professional insight as to how to continue to grow your business online, as well as ideas for content and promotion. This is an exciting time to plan out the future of your business and how you’d like that translated into marketing on social media. 

The Calendar

I customize a calendar just for you so we can keep track of where we are and where we want to be. The calendar will have all of our monthly plans and to-do’s organized, so you can stay up to date with what’s happening on our end. The most efficient and easiest way to keep you in the loop!

Community Engagement

Social media is all about being SOCIAL. When you don’t interact with your audience and other accounts, it’s a lot like talking to yourself! Be part of the conversation and the trends. Not only will it increase your visibility and authority online, your audience will LOVE that there’s an actual human being behind the screen.


We track your growth. We provide and analyze the data to see what’s working, what’s not, and we even take a peek at your competitors. Our strategies are always backed with research and data. 

the process

Next Mauve highly values communication & partnership.

We make it our mission to exceed your expectations by understanding the pain points you are facing in your business and your desired outcome from our services.
Described below is what you can expect to happen after our initial contact:


It's all about you.
I want to get to know your business & goals. as a partnership, it is crucial that we operate with the same mission & vision for your business.


During our first monthly meeting, we'll talk about your ideas while I strategize. After, you will receive an organized calendar for each social media platform made just for your business so you know what to expect each day.


Relax  and
enjoy the results.

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